Roll-Off Skip loader

Roll-Off Skip Loader

The roll-off skip loader, also called roll-off tipper, is an utility vehicle which is particularly suitable for container transports. Equipped with a hydraulic loading arm, the act of picking up and putting down the cargo is more easier.

A roll-off skip loader can also be called a swap body vehicle. The name results from its special ability to change cargo in a very short time.

Roll-off tippers are often equipped with an open container which is useful when it comes to the transportation of construction rubble and other coarse material, which is why they are often seen at construction areas.
The so called ‘dump body’ has a capacity of over 30 cubic meters. In the most cases, the tipper is installed on a flexible frame rack which can be easily attached to the carrier vehicle.

Roll-off skip loader are highly suitable for the transportation of bulk goods, so they are often used for demolition work as well as for recycling or soil constructions.

We at Margaritis Trucks offer a wide range of utility vehicles such as classic trucks as well as tippers, as for example roll-off tippers and skip loaders.

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