Semi trailer


is a trailer which is pulled by a tractor. The trailer is non-motorised and its weight is distributed among the tractor’s axle.


Tractors and classic trucks have a strong resemblance, the only difference between both vehicles is the wheel coupling of the tractor. This wheel coupling is made of a panel with a closing mechanism and a coupling pin to connect the semi-trailer. Classic trucks are equipped with a cargo area instead of this device.
The tractor supplies the trailer with energy for the Anti-Lock Braking System and compressed air for the brakes. Semi-trailers do not have a front axle but up to 4 rear axles.

Due to the fact that they are less manoeuvrable than classic trucks, semi-trailers are mainly used in the long distance freight transport sector. Besides, they can transport containers with a weight up to 44 tons.

There are plenty of different kinds of semi-trailers. Very frequently, trailers are equipped with a so called ‘container chassis’, which is especially designed for the carriage of ISO-containers.

Another common kind of semi-trailer is the box body, which is enclosed by four solid walls and has a form of a closed box. A special kind of the box body is the refrigerated semi-trailer. Its isolated walls enable the transport of goods where the quality depends on a certain temperature, such as groceries or flowers.

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