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If you want to buy a concrete mixer, you will find a wide range of assortment at your partner Margaritis Trucks.

A concrete mixer is (also called cement mixer)is a special equipment which forms concrete out of a combination of cement, sand or gravel and water. There are two kinds of concrete mixers, portable and non-portable. Portable ones have wheels and are used for smaller works. The concrete can be made at the construction site with a revolving drum which mixes the ingredients. This makes possible to use the concrete before it gets hard. It has a big drawback, because although long mixing time, the concrete is often not well mixed.

Concrete mixers featured with special equipment

Non-portable are concrete mixing transport trucks. They are used to carry the concrete to the construction area and to reprocess the mixture. The concrete mixing transport trucks are mostly outfitted with special equipment.

These kinds of concrete mixing trucks exist since 1958. Before that time, concrete had to be mixed on the construction site. The Stetter company designed the first mixing truck which only had a drum capacity of 3,5 m³. This invention facilitates the work on constructions, because it enables the mixture of concrete in a short time. Margaritis Trucks has several partners like Stetter, Schwing and Karrena, which produce concrete mixers and other special equipment.

Sometimes concrete pumps are required

The concrete mixing truck is fitted with a spiral blade and turns the drum in one direction to push deeper the concrete. When the drum is turned in the other direction, the concrete discharges. If the truck is not able to get close enough to the construction site, concrete pumps are needed. The concrete runs through these concrete pumps and flows through hoses to the spot where it is required.

A special type of concrete mixing trucks are twin-shaft batch mixers. It is able to mix two or more different ingredients. It’s drum has two horizontal shafts which rotate against each other.
Besides numerous trucks, loaders, trailers and concrete pumps, the company Margaritis Trucks also offers concrete mixers. Our assortment of different types of models range from high quality brands like Mercedes-Benz , MAN, DAF, Iveco and Imer.

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