Three-way tipper

Three possiblities of unloading

A tipper is a special kind of utility vehicle. Often tippers are used for the transport of bulk materials like soil or gravel.
The tippers have so called tipping bridges which is a tipping mechanism which is connected to the chassis of the carrier vehicle.

Activating the mechanism the load discharged. The tailboard towards the driver’s cabin of the tractor unit is always rigidly fixed and it depends on the construction model of the trailer how many tailboards can be opened for unloading.

According to this tipper vehicles are distinguished in rear dump trucks, two-way tippers and three-way tippers. Rear dump trucks are only able to open their tailgate, while two-way tippers are capable to open the left and right sidewall.

A special kind of tipper body is a three-way tipper. This one is characterized by that only its tailboard towards the driver’s cabin is fixed, all other sidewalls can be opened together or separately for discharging the trailer. This kind of construction is the most usual model nowadays.

Three-way tippers are often applied in civil engineering and as well in for public services like road maintenance depots and parks commissions. In agriculture are often tippers used for the transport of crops. Here the three-way tipper can be closed with a tarpaulin for protecting the load against weather influences.

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