Truck and Lorry

Everywhere by water, land and air

Vehicle means every mean of transport which serves the transport of goods or persons. Vehicles can be divided into means of transport by water, by land and by air.

By water generally with displacers and gliders, by land on rails, streets and in terrain and in the air with airplanes and helicopters. Vehicles are in general manufactured like bikes, cars, busses and truck. Vehicles which are able to drive on land are usually wheeled, tracked, railed or skied.

The most popular vehicles are bicycles. There are over 1 billion bicycles on earth and about 600 million cars. Vehicles are usually powered by some kind of energy which drives it. Vehicles like cars and trucks are driven by a motor or internal combustion engine. Some vehicles are not motorized like horses which are applied as draught animals.

Vehicle for the transport of persons are generally cars. Vehicles for public transport are trains and busses. The transport of goods and freight is made by trucks. Trucks are vehicles which are motorized. They consist of a chassis, a driver’s cabin, axles and a loading platform. There are many different kinds of trucks dependent on the purpose the vehicle is used for. There are different bodies and specialized trailer which are suitable for specific purposes. For example there are refrigerated trucks which are designed for carrying fresh and deep-frozen food.

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