Used trucks

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Trucks have been available for longer than one might think. The first truck was designed in 1896. In this year the first motorized truck was presented. It had only 4 HP but nowadays trucks have made a huge technical progress.

Especially in industrial branches trucks are playing an increasing role. Trucks are used all over the world, in general for the transport of goods. One of the big advantages of a truck is that it makes possible to deliver something just in time. Of course trucks can be dangerous for the drivers and other road users because the drivers try to observe their deadlines and do not make enough pauses which increases the accident risk.

Nowadays trucks are fitted with a so called blackbox which saves the driving times. The drivers have to identify themselves with a chip card. In a police check the officers can look up the saved data to check if the driver is observing his pause times. And not only this increases the security of the drivers and other road users, meanwhile are also used trucks equipped with cameras which are increasing the field of view or utile security systems like the lane keeping assist .Of course these assistant systems are expensive but very useful. Many companies decide to buy a used truck and are investing in the security of their trucks and drivers.

The company Margaritis Trucks purchases and sells used trucks. We are always endeavored to offer the right price-performance-ratio and to be fair to our clients. If you are interested in an used truck or sell your used vehicle get in touch with our team of experts, we are pleased to find the right solution for you.