Crawler excavator

Crawler excavator - the reliable construction machine

A crawler excavator is a special kind of the construction machine excavator. It serves to transport and dig earth and rocks and to excavate foundation pits. Further they are applied in open-cast mining for digging ores and coal.
Crawler excavators are conventional excavators which drive on caterpillar tracks. The crawler track consists of the powered motor and the chassis with flat link chains. The advantage of crawler tracks is that the mass and weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed. This increases the cross-country mobility and the flexibility of the crawler excavator.
The caterpillar track increases the soil layer and this increases the traction. In civil sectors are caterpillar tracks mostly applied on excavators and bulldozers. But also military vehicles need caterpillar tracks to reach a higher speed without losing stability. Mobile excavators do not belong to crawler excavator because they do not drive on tracks but on wheels.

The tracked excavator is one of the most frequently applied crawler excavator. This one has a weight of 1000 t. In open-cast mining are steamshovels suitable which is able to transport 6500 t on its tracks. In 1978 was the first time the largest excavator were applied. The bucket wheel excavator had a height of 96 m, a length of 215 m and a weight of 12.840 t. The model has the name “288” were manufactured by Krupp Industrietechnik and works in the open-cast mining in Garzweiler.

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