Tipper trailers

Tipper trailers

A tipper trailer consists of a tractor unit a tipping bridge. The tipping bridge is a special kind of utility vehicle. It is designed for the transport of bulk materials, for example soil.

The tipping bridge has a tilting mechanism which is connected to the chassis of the carrier vehicle. The tilting mechanism supports the sliding down of the load, because depending on the construction model the tipper is able to open one or more tailboards.

Mostly the cargo area is even and has a fixed tailboard towards the driver’s cabin of the truck tractor. There are rear dump trucks, two-way tippers and three-way tippers. A rear dump truck is only able to open the tailgate.

A two-way tipper is capable of opening the left and right sidewall, but this model type is more rarely to find. The most usual type of construction is the three-way tipper. This one is characterized by its three openable sidewalls.

Tipper trailers need a tractor unit which ensures the motorized drive. Depending on the field of application it is made a decision which carrier vehicle should be used. In public traffic a truck tractor is used. These tippers are used for civil engineering. Tippers in agriculture have a tractor as a carrier vehicle, because these are able to drive off-road.

A special kind is the crop tipper which can be fitted with a closed body or a tarpaulin for protecting the load against rain.

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