Now it's tipping time

Trailers are vehicles which distribute a part of their weight on the axles of the tractor unit. This leads to a way better weight distribution which enables an higher loading weight up to 40 tons. If the trailer is uncoupled to the tractor unit, it stands on fold-out support legs which replace the missing part of the tractor.

Tipper trailer are a special kind of trailer. They have high side walls which consist out of solid steel. Standard tipper trailer are open to the top. They can be also fitted with a tarpaulin to cover the load, mostly the transport of loose materials, against weather influences.
Tipper trailers are often applied in civil engineering. Often are two- or three axle tipper trailer offered as rear dump trucks and three-way tipper. When the trailer reaches the construction site it dumps the load, for example cement, with the aid of hydraulic equipment.

But when instead of dry bulk materials for example mud is transported, a dump truck is used.
The volume tipper trailer is used, like the name is already saying, for loads with higher quantities. Generally are these three-axle rear dump trailers designed for carrying 60 m³ material. This could be sand, gravel, waste or asphalt. These vehicles are often delivered with a tarpaulin and a sloped pendulum flap.
In the metal industry are also often tipper trailers applied. Especially open trailers with half height walls are used for the transport of steel products like tubes or sheets of metal.