Utility vehicle

Vehicles which offer Utility

Utility vehicles are automobiles which serve to transport persons and goods. Motorized vehicles like trucks and also not motorized ones like semitrailers belong to utility vehicles.
Mostly are utility vehicles applied in agricultural, governmental and industrial sectors. Different specializations enable different purposes. A distinction is made between transportation of passengers, transportation of haul and utility vehicles for action forces.

Utility vehicles for the transport of persons are minivans, omnibuses and articulated busses. These are often used as a mean of public transport. For the transportation of cargos are many utility vehicles suitable. For post offices and also for the transport of stacked goods are utility vehicles based on passenger cars. Besides there are special utility vehicles which are suitable for the transport of liquids, gases and groceries. A distinction is generally made between box wagons, platform trucks, minivans, trucks with semitrailers, with car transporters and with tank wagons. Additionally are utility vehicles also applied for action forces like the police and the THW the technical assistance organization.

Buying an utility vehicle it is decisive which purpose should be fulfilled by the vehicle for looking after the suitable body for a truck. If you should be uncertain which model and which brand which fits you best do not hesitate to ask our expert team for advice. If you need an utility vehicle for the transport of heavy freight and goods, the company Margaritis Trucks offers a variety of trucks and different bodies like platform bodies or box wagons.
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