Truck trailer

Trailers for trucks create additional cargo area.

Trailer is a manifold term. On the one hand, there trailers like short films for marketing a book or movie. On the other hand, there are trailers for transportation.

These trailers used as vehicle can be distinguished if they are unpowered and pulled by a powered vehicle or a powered trailer which are able to move on their own.

These articulated vehicles which consist of a towing engine are called semi-trailer truck. There are also many other names like tractor-trailer, articulated lorry and 18-wheeler. Here, the trailer is attached to the towing vehicle, but at a point in front of the rear-most axle of the towing unit. That is because the weight of the trailer is carried by the prime mover.

In America the “tractors” have two or three axles and the trailers has 8 wheels and a tandem axle pair at the rear. In Europe, the tractor has two axles and at the rear tractor axle it has twin wheels. The cargo trailer consists of 3 axles, which means 12 wheels in total.

Trailers are allrounders

Trailers are very popular, because of their all-round field of application. Trailers dependent on their size can carry or example many cars or other freight like wood or liquids like gas.
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