Truck export international

Truck export – Margaritis Trucks exports high quality and reliable vehicles in the whole wide world.

A truck is an utility vehicle which transports freight and goods. On the whole world are trucks used for industrial purposes. In agriculture, road and building construction and forestry are trucks indispensable. The vehicles are able to transport almost every kind and size of goods to the right place at the right time. Even in military, police and fire brigade are special trucks needed for the transport of special equipment.
Trucks are applied in the whole wide world. Popular and high quality truck manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and MAN have their origins in Germany and that is why they have several manufacturing bases on German soil. Nevertheless are many truck manufacturers producing abroad where costs are lower. Trucks produced in Germany are exported in foreign countries in order to profit from German quality work. Especially nations like China and India are buying trucks out of German production and import them. Also smaller companies from all over the world prefer reliable vehicles to facilitate their work and are buying used vehicles from Europe.
In the European Union exists exemption from duty between the different member states. The European Customs Union has a consistent method for custom duties, consumption taxes and betterment taxes. Exporting trucks from Germany in the whole wide world are several requirements to considerate. Firstly you need to pay the custom duties which bases on the selling price and transport costs. The duty rate of the truck is generated by the permissible maximum weight, the cubic capacity and the combustion method of the motor. For example has a truck with a platform body with a gasoline engine, a permissible maximum weight of under 5 tons and a cubic capacity over 2.800 ccm the duty rate comes to 22 per cent.
Companies like the Margaritis Truck GmbH exports trucks and utility vehicles in the whole wide world. Because of our manifold portfolio of new and used trucks we are able to offer vehicles which complies with the requirements of our clients. We are your reliable partner in the matter of trucks. Our service ranges from the purchase and selling of utility vehicles to the organization of the shipment from Germany into every corner of the world.