Truck Dealer

Truck dealer are a dime a dozen. Get to know the most favored and reliable Truck retailer in western Germany, Margiritis Trucks.

There are many truck dealers, but who should you turn to if you are thinking of buying a new utility vehicle for yourself or your company. The hour of birth of a motorized truck was in 1896 in Germany, when Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, the founders of Daimler AG, designed the first truck named “Phoenix”. It had iron wheels, 2 breaks (hand and feet) and a cylinder capacity of 1.06 liters. The first truck in the world reached a maximum speed of 16 km/h with 4 hp.
Nowadays, life without the invention of trucks is unimaginably. Truck dealers are, like any other retailer, persons or companies which purchase articles and sell them for making profit. The commerce can be carried out with many different goods, like consumable durables or industrial commodities. For example there are car dealers, wine merchants and greengrocers.

Long-lasting partnership

The staff of Margaritis Trucks does not want to sell you any article just for making profit, we are your best partner in finding the right vehicle. We are longtime experienced on the truck market and we are looking for a long-lasting collaboration with our clients. We offer a wide range of high quality utility vehicles which we import and export. For example we sell not only new but also used vehicles. Furthermore we do not only sell and purchase trucks, but also rent them.

We like to be the truck dealer of your choice. We are pleased to help you in finding the perfect truck for your needs and expectations. For more information about utility vehicles and trucks please contact us, your reliable and professional truck partner – Margiritis Trucks.