Truck Import

Truck import – high quality vehicles from Germany

The vehicle truck is generally applied as a mean of transport of loads and goods. Trucks belong to utility vehicles and are mostly used for industrial purposes.
In civil engineering, agriculture and in administrations on the whole wide world are trucks applied. Especially are trucks from Germany sought after. Utility vehicles out of German production are considered to be high quality and reliable. Manufacturers of trucks from Germany are for example Mercedes-Benz and MAN. Countries from all over the world import utility vehicles from Europe and particularly from Germany.
The import of trucks in countries with high economic expansion like China and India is because that growing nations also expand their traffic system and civil engineering. In the construction of buildings, bridges and dams are often vehicles like concrete mixers and concrete pumps imported. Also in road construction are vehicles like skip loaders and roll-off skip loaders required.

Basically the movement of goods with foreign countries is free. But every nation has its own custom formalities and laws which have to be considered. Importing a truck requires the awareness of necessary documents and if export controls exist. The import of German vehicles in foreign countries custom formalities need to be considered. The duty rate of trucks depends on the permissible maximum weight, cylinder capacity and on the combustion engine. In the United States and in Canada every state decides the sales tax on its own which varies between 2 and 9%. Furthermore the imported vehicles need to comply with the American regulations. If the vehicles are not conform they have to be modified or re-exported.
The import of vehicles in Russia is subjected to the International customs transit system Carnet TIR which is fitted with a liability of 60.000 €. In July 2013 the Russian customs duty announced, that an additional national Russian shipping procedure is implemented for the import of trucks. Experts are afraid that the costs of the exchange of commodities with Russia will increase by four-digit euro amount and could evoke an overload for the Russian infrastructure. In the case of an import of a truck into Russia it is worthwhile to retain a specialized company.

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