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A vehicle which is used to transport heavy cargo and goods is called a truck or a motortruck. Trucks are able to draw a trailer whereas prime movers can only work with semi-trailers. Trucks are normally used for commercial purposes.

The trucks’ body is simple. It is composed of the driver cabin, also called chassis, which often consists of a ladder frame, the engine and a special setup suitable for certain goods.
Motortrucks are versatile, be it in the public tansport or the long haul sector.
For the public transport, one often employs lightweight (up to 7.5 tons) or medium lightweight vehicles (up to 12 tons). For the long haul sector, companies make use of heavy trucks which have the capability to transport up to 40 tons of goods. Endowed with a larger driver cabin and an included lounge bed, they offer more comfort to the driver during long distance tours and therefore more security on the road.
Some examples for the most common truck body works are the platform body or the delivery van.
The platform truck consists of a platform, often covered by flexible side walls, which secure the cargo from all weather conditions.
A special kind of platform body is the dump truck with an open-box bed which is used to transport loose material to construction zones or elsewhere.


The trademark of the delivery van is its enclosed superstructure, which is directly connected with the driver cabin. These kinds of trucks are often used for delivery services such as package delivery services.
Another special edition of the delivery van is the refrigerated truck, in which a special mechanical refrigeration system powered by a small displacement diesel engines keeps the freight at a certain temperature. Refrigerated trucks often transport flowers or groceries.

Renting a truck instead of buying one is really profitable for many companies, as the acquisition costs for commercial vehicles in general are rather high. Besides, it is more efficient to rent a truck if its future is foreseeable and you just need one for a few tours and operations.
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