Dump truck

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Get yourself an overview about application areas of dump trucks and examine all the different models of tippers.

A tipper is a special model of a truck. A typical truck consist of a chassis, a driving cab, an area for placing cargo or equipment, axles and the motor.

The tipper differs to other trucks because the rear has a special design. The tipper is a truck chassis with load handling system. That means, that there is an hydraulic lift arm attached on the axles. The tipper can be charged with special containers and trailers. These can be lifted up and down because of the hydraulic lift arm.

The company “Meiller” was a pioneer of dumping and tipper bodies which can be loaded on tipper. Hand carts and sack barrows could not carry larger cargos, that is why Meiller invented such a system for lifting heavy freights. The first model had two winchs, cranks and rack-wheels at the sides to lift up and down. In 1924 the founder’s sons invented the first motorized hydraulic pump. After the second world war, the company had to fear for their existence so the first tipper was first designed in 1972. In 2202 they invented a tipper which can be controlled electronically.
Nowadays, tipper are still used to carry large freight and for unloading heavy containers.

Margiritis Trucks offers a wide range of trucks and also tipper. If you are interested in information or in buying a tipper, our expert team is pleased to advise you in finding the right one.