Utility Vehicles Mercedes

Read up on the complex offer and high quality of utility vehicles by Mercedes – Margiritis Trucks is pleased to advise you, make an appointment with our experts team to get a full-service consultancy.

Utility vehicles are still high relevant nowadays and have become indispensable in industrial companies. Utility vehicles which serve the transportation of passengers and goods, are not only available in many various models but also from many different providers. An example for an important provider is Mercedes Benz. Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz are not only the founders of the german Daimler AG, which owns the brand Mercedes, they are also responsible for the birth of the automobile. Daimler and Benz made a revolutionary contribution to the history of transportation, because in 1896 they designed the first truck in the world. Till now, the company is one of the most successful companies in the history of technology.

High quality vehicle

The german company attaches importance to security and high quality of their vehicles. In addition the Daimler AG is known for their innovation and environmentally friendly manufacturing. For this reason, Margaritis Trucks naturally provides among other brands also trucks and other utility vehicle by Mercedes.

Our range of articles offers among a large number of concrete mixers, concrete pumps, truck tractors and dump trucks also trucks and utility vehicles by Mercedes. If you are looking for an utility vehicle by Mercedes, you will discover one that fits your expectations in our assortment.

Purchase of vehicle

We do not only look after a smoothly course by selling utility vehicle. We also attach importance to a satisfying purchase of vehicles, because we pay attention to quality and security in buying high class brands like Mercedes for our assortment.

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