Utility Vehicle

Trucks and Lorries – the best way to transport goods and freight

Trucks are utility vehicles which are used for transport of freight and goods. It consists of a chassis, a cab for the driver, an area for placing cargo and of course the motor and axles. Trucks differ in all kinds of functions. There are vehicles with special equipment, like fire trucks or concrete mixers. Trucks also distinguish by their permissible maximum weight and power. The maximum weight is also for calculating parameters for example taxes and other laws, like as trucks which weigh more than 7,5 tons need a special driver’s license. Smaller trucks up to 3.5 tons are called “light trucks”.

Truck or lorry

The name “truck” could come from the former greek term “trokhos” which means wheel. In America and Australia there vehicles are called trucks, but in Great Britain the term “lorry” is used.
The largest manufacturers of trucks are the MAN and the Daimler AG, which produces for example Mercedes-Benz and Unimog. Next big manufacturer is the Volvo Group, this includes trucks by Volvo, Renault and Nissan. Other large producers are Volkswagen with trucks by Scania, Volkswagen and MAN and the Toyota and Fiat Group.

Special trucks for special purposes

Many of these manufacturers do not only design trucks for carrying freight, but also they offer specialized trucks for particular industrial purposes. For example there are special trucks for building houses and roads, like concrete mixer and concrete pumps. These are used to carrying, merging and pump concrete to the construction site.
Other special trucks are skip loaders and tippers. They have a containers and tanks loaded on the back of the trucks. Primarily, the function of a skip loader is to put down the loaded container at any place, with the aid of the support shafts. Tippers are equipped with a load handling system. This helps to lift up and down the tank or container which is transported by the truck.

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