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Transports with a tractor unit

An articulated truck is generally mounted on a truck chassis. The articulated truck, also called lorry, has a semitrailer, this combination is called articulated vehicle. This one contains out of a truck tractor unit with a driver’s cabin, the engine and the coupling which connects the trailer with the tractor.

The tractor unit differs from a truck by its coupling instead of having a cargo area. The coupling consists of a plate with a closing mechanism. On this the semitrailer is fixed, so the trailer is movable but still rigidly connected.

For transporting goods with a tractor unit there is always a semitrailer necessary. These trailers can be concrete mixing trailers, tipping trailers and refrigerated trailers. Articulated trucks are mostly used in long-distance haulage, because they are often not very maneuverable for the application in short distance haulage. In European traffic these vehicles are often two-axle tractor units with three-axle trailers.

The advantages of tractor units are for example that trailers can be easily switched, which saves a lot of time. Further companies do not need to buy new vehicles when their requirements have changed, but only the much cheaper trailers. A tractor unit is also much easier to drive because they do not swerve a lot.

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