Skip loader

Take advantage of the possible application of skip loaders and other utility vehicles. Margirits Trucks is your reliable partner in finding utility vehicles.

The skip loader is a special version of a truck. Mostly used by construction firms and waste management for the disposal of waste.

Support shafts lift up and down

The skip loader consists of a chassis which is equipped with two support shafts. These support shafts can be attached to settling tanks or containers to lift them to the ground. It is important to look after the chassis, if it is big and heavy enough to lift the settling tank down, because if the freight is heavier than the front of the truck, it can be tipping forwards.

Primarily, the function of a skip loader is to put down the loaded container at any place, with the aid of the support shafts.

Skip loaders facilitate hard work

It has been a long way to this invention. This development of industrial vehicles started in 1896 with the invention of the first motorized truck. At this time, a motorized utility vehicle was ground-breaking. The curricle was replaced with trucks and the motorization inaugurates new possibilities, because work did not had to be that hard anymore. Because there were a big potential in that segment of technology, the progress was keep getting on. The first models were getting more and more improved and more opportunities and options were found. Because of this development, the skip loader as well could be designed.

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