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Tandem transports

A tandem tipper trailer is a semitrailer which is fitted with a tipping body. Trailers are connected to a tractor unit over the coupling and the kingpin. The tractor unit is a kind of truck.

Tandem means here that the tipper trailer has two axles which are constructed close to each other. The drivability resembles an one-axle trailer. There are also tridem trailers which are equipped with three axles.

A tipper trailer has a tipper body which is fitted with a tipping bridge. A tipping bridge is connected to the chassis of the truck with a tipping mechanism. When the mechanism is activated, the load slides down. Tippers mostly have an even cargo area and a tailboard towards the driver’s cabin which is rigidly mounted.

Tipper trailers are suitable for the transport of bulk materials like sand, gravel or soil. Often Tipper trailers are used in civil engineering. Further they are applied in agriculture, for example for the transport of crops. This trailer can be closed with a tarpaulin for protecting the load against weather influences.

Tippers are divided in rear dump trucks, two-way tippers and three-way tippers. They are distinguishing by their number possibilities to open tailboards for unloading. Rear dump trucks are only capable of open the tailgate at the back. A two-way tipper is able to open the left and right sidewall for unloading and the three-way tipper can open all three sidewalls.

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