Truck Export – Margiritis Trucks exports high class and reliable vehicles into the whole wide world.

Trucks are utility vehicles which transport goods and equipment. In the whole world trucks are used for industrial purposes. Nowadays, working without utility vehicles in Agriculture, road- and house building and also forestry is unimaginable. The trucks are capable of delivering goods and freight of every size and kind just in time to the right place.

Trucks for many purposes

Even in military, police and fire service need special trucks to transport the required equipment.

Trucks are used in the whole world. Famous and high quality manufacturer of trucks like Mercedes-Benz and MAN have their seeds in Germany. They have got their manufacturing bases mainly still on German soil. However, some providers produce abroad in cheaper developing countries. Farther regions as well are able to benefit from german high quality work by exporting trucks from Germany. Especially countries with a high level of industry like Indie and China export trucks out of german production. Smaller international companies as well buy reliable utility vehicles from Europe to facilitate their work.

Export to every corner of the world

Companies like Margaritis Trucks export trucks and utility vehicles into the whole wide world. Due to our manifold assortment of new and used trucks we are able to offer suitable vehicles for our clients. Our service ranges from purchasing and selling utility vehicles to the organization of shipment from Germany to every corner of the world.
Particularly in importing and exporting large vehicles the customs formalities can be overextended. That is why we are pleased to take over the transport of your chosen vehicle to take care of a smooth procedure.

If you are considering in buying and exporting a new or used truck, do not hesitate to turn to our expert team. We are pleased to help and give you free and not binding consultancy.