Mentioning concerns

At Margaritis Trucks GmbH, we believe in a culture of tolerance and dialogue. If we are uncertain about a situation or behaviour, we always ask ourselves whether we would still assess this matter as correct if an authority becomes aware of it, or if it is reported about in the media.

If you are or were an employee or business partner of Margaritis Trucks GmbH, and believe that someone violated our internal rules or broke the law, you should not stay quiet. We expect you to inform us about the matter so that your observations may be examined. This is the only way to enable us to remedy any existing failings, and avoid mistakes.

Please always contact a manager (e.g. your superior or the managing board of Margaritis Trucks GmbH) and inform them about your observations, questions, or concerns. If you feel that this is inappropriate or impossible, you may also contact our external lawyer and ombudswoman. She is the person to contact outside our company and will hear your information about major violations of law and rules in confidence. Your anonymity will be guaranteed by her professional obligation to secrecy.


Ms Andrea Berneis (Lawyer)
Poststraße 16
40213 Düsseldorf GERMANY

M +49 (0) 162 320 6917 (Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, except public holidays)

NOTE: Please inform your usual contact about any complaints you may have in connection with our contractual services.