Trucks MAN

Utility vehicle MAN are standing for urban-, distribution- and construction transport. At Margaritis Trucks you will find the right vehicle for your purposes.

Utility vehicles are designed for specific industrial purposes. These vehicles are generally motorized and find application in governmental, agricultural and commercial business. But utility vehicles are also used in road and house construction and as well in the military.

Utility vehicles for many purposes

Nowadays, there is an utility vehicle for every function. For public transport, there are busses, while in house and road construction concrete mixers and concrete pumps are applied. In the waste management and for transport of lose material just like gravel, skip loaders and tippers are used.

Save time and make work easier

The employment of utility vehicles saves the workers more time and facilitate the hard work. Even in emergencies utility vehicles are applied, just like for the fire brigade and police, vehicles are outfitted with special equipment.
One of the leading manufacturers of utility vehicles for many purposes is the german company MAN Truck & Bus. The company has its headquarters in Munich and offers one of the widest and most extensive assortment in the commercial vehicle sector. They provide new but also old utility vehicles. Primarily, they design different types of trucks and various models of busses. On the whole world, the MAN truck & Bus company is known for reliable and efficient solutions of trucks for every kind of purpose.

The Margirits Truck company offers a wide range of utility vehicles for many purposes. We know about the high quality vehicles out of german production, naturally we provide vehicles by MAN and Mercedes-Benz. Please contact our professionals to arrange an appointment; we are looking forward to help you.