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Movable floors

A walking floor trailer is a kind of semitrailer which distributes its weight on the axles of the tractor unit with which the trailer is connected.

There are different kinds of semitrailers for example refrigerated trailers, box bodies and the already mentioned walking floor trailers.

This trailer is characterized by its movable floors due to hydraulics. The floor consists of narrow floor slats which transport the load. These slats mesh with each other and are moved for loading and unloading for easily discharging the load.

The advantage of walking floor trailers for carriers is that piece goods but also bulk materials can be transported. But movable floor trailers are especially suitable for the transport of high volumes of bulk materials for example like crops.

The walking floor trailer is loaded in 3 zones. First, the floor slats in the first zone are moved, after that the slats in the second zone are moved till they are on the same height, than the third zone follows. This process is repeated till the cargo is discharged or loaded.

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